Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Michele Foster's Rolled Fondant Recipe

Now that I am no longer doing cakes for profit, I am no longer ordering 20 lb. buckets of Satin Ice fondant either.I miss that but I just can't make that investment any longer. So in order to be able to still make the occasional bow or sculpted decoration for a decorated cake, I need a recipe that I can whip up that won't cost an arm and leg and won't be super difficult to make either.
One recipe I tried a couple of years ago when I first started experimenting with rolled fondant is called Marshmallow Fondant.
Yep, it's made out of marshmallows. I tried this recipe after reading rave reviews about it on the Cake Central forum. It is easy and cheap to make, this is true, but I must confess the texture and ease of use just doesn't compare for me personally after having also worked with Satin Ice fondant.
So last week I tried another recipe I found on Cake Central after again hearing rave reviews from people who said they preferred the taste and texture of this over the marshmallow fondant. The main challenge for me will be finding glycerine in town but I read it may be available at health food stores. If it's not in my local health food store, I will have to drive 30 miles to the Michael's across town to get the Wilton brand or order over the net. (This is what I did for this first batch...ordered from the net.)
The verdict: while I found this recipe to not be as easy or cheap to make, it *did* score points in the texture and ease-of-use department, so until I find something better this is my new favorite fondant recipe.
If you try it tell me what you think. And if you have a favorite fondant recipe yourself, let me know!


Tracye said...

I've always used MMF, but it's nowhere near as easy or forgiving as Satin Ice.

I'd like to try this one, so thank you for posting it!

FYI, I always add a little glycerin to my MMF to give it more stretch. I buy it at Hobby Lobby. Thanks for reminding me that I'm out!

Kris said...

Hey there Lisa, that is a bit of a dilemma. But, here is what I suggest:
Since the bows you make are not eaten, the taste of the fondant isn't really a factor. So why not just purchase the small 1lb bags of fondant at your local WalMart and make bows like that. Now, if you are covering a whole cake, I DO NOT like the taste of Wilton brand fondant. But for decorations only, it is fine. I have not tried Satin Ice, only Fond-X which is, in my opinion, not tasty either. Fondant isn't really meant to eat, I don't think. I guess some like it, just not me.

Red said...

I've tried marshmellow fondant, Satin Ice and Michele Foster's fondant. I just don't like making the fondant myself. I prefer to make the trip (20 miles) to my little cake shop to buy Satin Ice. Michele's didn't seem easy or cheap to make, nor did I like the texture or taste of it (marshmellow-y).

Satin Ice, when stored properly should last up to a year, FYI.

Lisa said...

I have a confession. I don't like the taste or texture of fondant either. Period. Which is probably why I can't talk myself into learning to cover a cake in it. lol I absolutely love the way it looks though! So many things you can do with fondant that just isn't possible with buttercream.

Thanks for all the ideas cake ladies!

I think I may have to try the MMF with your glycerin Tracye. I've seen what you do with the stuff, so I know it's workable, even if it's not as easy to work with as the Satin Ice. Definitely the cheapest route of all.

Pixeltrash said...

I've tried that Wilton fondant and everyone thought it was horrible, so I started looking on Cake Central for a recipe and came up with the marshmallow fluff one. I thought it was a pain to mix, but once it was done, it was okay to work with. Definitely not as dry as that Wilton one. So, I added some flavoring to the marshmallow one and the kids who ate it all seemed to like it. I'm not an expert baker though. I've never seen that Satin one you are talking about. Wonder if I could get some at our local bakery? Maybe they'd sell me a smaller amount. I'm going to look into it.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I click on the link for the recipe and its not there =(